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46A St Luke's Rd Old Windsor, Windsor SL4 2QJ TEL: 01753 861068

Club Meeting Minutes – 12th April 2017



HELD ON WEDNESDAY 12th April 2017 AT 7:30 PM







Jason Hart (Chair), Paul Carabini, Barry Clark, John Gould, Andrew Reynolds, John Hatcher, Nigel Metters

Apologies: Gary Wade


Minutes of the last meeting – The minutes of the 8th March were read, agreed and signed by the Chair.


  1. Finance
  • Ongoing monthly expenses are to be reviewed in more detail. This includes standing monthly expenses which may not show a true reflection of actual profits. In addition monthly depreciation to be reviewed
  • The Contactless Card issue is ongoing. BC to investigate if HSBC have can supply a CC machine
  • Financial summary from the bar to updated to include month by month comparison year on year


  1. Actions from Previous Meeting
    • Sunday opening – Bar staff to be onsite ready to open from 11:45am every Sunday  
    • Staff Dress Code – Guidelines to be issued to all staff. To include smart dress at all times behind the bar
    • Drop Bag – JG to investigate possibility of brewery supplying replacement
    • Staff Rotas – To be published weekly in advance and displayed behind bar. This is to include temporary and fulltime staff
    • Bar Cleaning Rotas – To be produced in line with staff rotas and to focus on quieter periods behind the bar


  1. Matters Arising
    • Members Contact Details – List to be printed and added to safe. This is to be used in case of emergency
    • CCTV – New quote to be obtained for upgrade, £3,300. Security review to be arranged in April
    • Front Doors – Quote to be obtained to replace or upgrade doors to the main entrance
    • Overflow Fridges – One to be moved to cellar and one to kitchen to free up storage space
    • Health & Safety – Review to take place of entire club. This includes emergency exit doors and appropriate signage throughout the club – NM to arrange with Fire Warden
    • Replacement Oven – Reconditioned oven to be purchased for kitchen


  1. Repairs and Maintenance
    • Storage Areas – Tidy up and review to take place on Saturday 22nd All Committee members to help out
    • Front of club – Quote to be obtained for re-varnish chairs, tables and smokers area
    • Cellar Pump – Complete
    • Fence in Car Park – JH to review options and get new quote
    • Cellar Floor – Hole to be filled in delivery area. JH to look at ready levelling options
    • Bar repairs – New quote requested for replacement bar tops. Further options to be explored
    • Electrical Review – Review of Club electrical infrastructure to be arranged – JH
    • Smokers Area – To be tidied up and possibility of time controlled heater to be investigated
    • Members Bar – To be re-decorated in April 2017
    • Flat Roof – Area by toilet to be reviewed. Quote to be obtained – JH
    • Bay Window – Area at front left of building to be review and quote obtained for repairs – JH/AR
    • Hot Tap – Tap in men’s toilets to be reviewed as hot water is not coming through. JH to look at options
    • Digital Lock – To be added to cleaning area in front foyer


  1. Bar & Club
    • Sunday Opening – Bar staff to be in club and ready for business by 11:45am on a Sunday
    • Membership Cards – To be presented for all members’ drinks from 1st of March. Bar staff to request
    • Drop Bag – JG to purchase new bag to cellar deliveries
    • Staff Rotas and Bar Cleaning Rotas – To be placed in bar area – JG to arrange
    • Dress Code – All staff to be reminded about smart dress policy. JG to action



  1. Entertainment
  • Next event 8th July – Tina Turner tribute
  • Adults Halloween Party
  • New Year’s Eve – Band to be confirmed


  1. Membership
    • Renewals for 2017 to be reviewed and list of active members to be made available to bar staff are up to date


  1. AOB –
    • Hall Hire – Standard quote going forward is £50 for afternoon (before 7pm) £100 for evening hire
    • Vaping/eCig – To be treated the same as smoking and will not be allowed indoors in the Club
    • Food in snooker room – Bar staff to stop serving food if they suspect it will be carried into snooker room
    • New £1 – Machine to be reviewed in snooker room. Also time to be adjusted to 45mins per £1
    • PC in Office – Quote to be obtained for replacement PC/laptop – JG/JH



  1. Date of Next Meeting – 10th May 2017 – 19:30