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46A St Luke's Rd Old Windsor, Windsor SL4 2QJ TEL: 01753 861068

Club Meeting Minutes – 10th January 2018



HELD ON WEDNESDAY 10th January 2018 AT 7:30 PM







Jason Hart (Chair) Paul Carabini, Barry Clark, John Hatcher Andrew Reynolds, John Gould, Gary Wade.  Apologies: Nigel Metters


Minutes of the last meeting – The minutes of the 20th December were read, agreed and signed by the Chair





Stock audit – Complete and all results have been shared with the committee

Council Rate Review – To take place. BG to review and provide update at next meeting


Actions from Previous Meeting

AGM – BG spoke to MR Spurling and AGM has now been confirmed for the 4th of February 2018  

Contactless Card MachineHas been replaced with a wireless card machine

Fence in Car Park – Additional quote to be agreed. Awaiting start date

Air Fresheners – Quote has been obtained from two companies. JG to arrange contract to be drawn up

Air conditioning Lounge units to be serviced – JG

Health & Safety – Door to flat to be reviewed. Review to take place of previous audit. JH/NM

Electrical Review – Complete, awaiting certificates


Matters Arising

Bar Fly’s – Problem has visibly reduced. To me monitored over coming weeks

Glass Washer – Options to be reviewed for replacement – JG to update  

Fire Alarm Test – To be scheduled on a regular basis. Dates and times to be confirmed

Bar Area Tidy Up – Cables, wires, non-bar essentials to be tidied up in bar area. Work is ongoing

Price Increase – To be reviewed in early January 2018. Res

Office Printer & Laptop – To be updated. GW to assist JG

Bar Checklist – JG to update template and present at the next meeting

Sanitary Bins – New company to be engaged to arrange for regular collection


Repairs and Maintenance

Digital Lock – To be fitted by early Jan

Portable Ramp – Options to be discussed at next meeting

Bar CellarMore time to be spent on preventative measures

Bar Tops, hand & foot rails – Bar Tops complete. Foot/Hand rails to be replaced early Jan 2018

Bar Checklist – to be compiled for all day to day jobs. To be used in case of unexpected illness or staff shortages

Glasses – New glasses to be order (especially Strongbow) and old glasses to be removed from bar area

Dishwasher Service – Additional options to be explored – BG

Stock Ordering – Further review to take place on weekly stock ordering process

Gate at Rear – Gate to be repaired and new lock added

Service Area – notice to be added to the front bar for service only area



2018 events

Confirmed : 17th Feb – Blues Brothers – 21st April Josh Searle; 30th June – NRG Band

22nd Sep – TBD 17th Nov TBD

Social Secretary has been identified – JG/PC to meet and draw up requirements for the role. This will include major Sporting events and Club entertainment.


Membership – 2018 renewals in progress



AOB – Outside Area – Front of building to be reviewed in Feb and date for revamp to be agreed

Next meeting 7th February 2018