Membership has it's privileges, contact us to find out more about being a member of Old Windsor Club.


Joining Fee: £20.00
Membership renewal £20.00 up to 31st Jan

Thereafter new membership application required
Life Membership renewal £5.00 (65 years of age)
Junior Members (16-17years)
Joining Fee: £4.00
Annual Subscription: £4.00

Club Opening Hours

Monday to Thursday : 12 Noon to 23.00 hrs
Friday & Saturdays : 12 Noon to 24.00 hrs
Sundays : 12 Noon to 23.00 hrs
A maximum of 20 minutes drinking up time will be allowed
Please respect our neighbours when leaving the club and keep noise to a minimum at all times

Membership Registration & Renewal Forms

Download and fill in one of the forms below. Next time you come to Old Windsor Club, bring the fee and we'll get you sorted!