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46A St Luke's Rd Old Windsor, Windsor SL4 2QJ TEL: 01753 861068

Club Meeting Minutes – 8th June 2016



HELD ON WEDNESDAY 8th June 2016 AT 7:30 PM




Present: Laurie Hatcher (Chair)  Paul Carabini, John Hatcher, Barry Clark, Gary Wade, Jason Hart, Nigel Metters
Apologies: Chelsea Reynolds


  1. Minutes of the last meeting

The minutes of the 11th May 2016 were read, agreed and signed by the chair.


  1. Finance


  1. Actions from Previous Meeting
    • OW CarnivalAll planning complete. Bar, tent, staff and stock organised
    • New Storage AreaAwaiting new designs
    • Bar repairs and new ice machine To be completed after the bar tops have been replaced
    • Carpet Tiles in BarStock to be checked
    • Gents toiletsDate to be organised for replacement urinal


  1. Matters Arising
    • Service Only area to be setup on front bar during busy periods – Has been setup for busy periods and is working well
    • Gas cooker in kitchen to be inspectedCooker not to be used for events going forward
    • Snooker Ball machineIt was decided that the club would not pay for this. If the snooker team would like to purchase one it can be stored at the club
    • Stock rotation audit to take place by independent auditorsAudit to take place before the end of each fiscal year


  1. Repairs and Maintenance
    • Crack at side of building to be filledHas been repaired
    • Brickwork at front of building to be repairedHas been repaired
    • Lights over dart boards in back hallHave been replaced on all three dartboards


  1. Bar
    • Review to continue of current supplies to ensure that we are getting the best deals available for the Club Review on-going. Progress being made and certain suppliers has already taken place
    • Hot nut machine removed from bar area as sales slow and it was taking up too much room


  1. Entertainment
    • Meeting to be arranged with Kossway to discuss entertainment systemEntertainment system will be upgraded. There will a four zone system installed with two additional speakers. There will be a new centralised control system added into the alcove in the bar area
    • TV in front bar to be raised on wallTo be completed
    • Internet Service to be reviewed as quality is poor sometimesCurrently under review


  1. Membership
    • Currently up date. No payments/renewals to be reviewed by committee


  1. AOB
  • New pump to be installed in cellar
  • New draft cider option to be added to the front bar area
  • Weekly staff rotas to be placed in the bar area
  • Lights and facia to be replaced at front of building October/November
  • Fence at side of car park to be repaired. This may include replacement concrete posts
  • Club advertisements for future events to be reviewed and updated


  1. Date of Next Meeting – 13th July – 7:30pm